Every owner asks the question; why this firm over their competition? 

ING has talented competitors; however, ING is a firm that is more exacting in the designs it produces and we create final solutions as if we are the owner that will eventually build, occupy, operate and maintain the project. Through this lens an Owner can only conclude ING is the clear choice for their next project!

More specifically in application...

We promote & participate in Integrated Design which emphasizes the development of a whole building design approach.  We excel in collaboration with all project team members; owners, architects, commissioning agents, engineers, contractors, so to produce creative designs that provide solutions.  This approach nurtures improved budget control, lower total cost of ownership, better communication and more efficient project delivery.

The Integrated Design approach would not be complete without employing BIM technology utilizing Autodesk Building Design Suite.  We have performed 3- Dimensional MEP CAD designs in our projects since 2008; however, BIM takes our designs to a new level.  BIM has built on our visions by allowing all Integrated Design team members to develop designs for better visualization, collaboration, communication, & project delivery. 

Our extensive knowledge and experience with JCAHO Standards, AIA/ASHRAE Health Care Design Guidelines, Building Codes, International Energy & Conservation Code, USGBC LEED Rating System, Georgia Peach Green Building Rating System and International Green Construction Code allows us to provide our Client with recommendations and solutions that are user and budget driven, sustainable, responsible and most of all constructible.

Our designs are centered on optimization of energy use, conservation of water, utilization of environmentally responsible products, & enhancement of the indoor environment. We utilize a combination of ENERGY-PRO Modeling Software, gbXML, BIM and the LEED Construction methods to baseline and improve our designs.  Our designs are in concert with the end user's project mission, operational needs & future maintenance requirements.

Through our knowledge, experience and approach, we empower our clients to make informed decisions regarding their project, conservation efforts, budget and possible return on investment.