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posted Jan 2, 2012, 5:40 AM by John Lovin   [ updated Mar 6, 2012, 1:29 PM ]

Georgia Southern University received the 2011 Innovation Award from the University System of Georgia’s 15th annual Facilities Officers Conference for the renovation of the circa 1958 Williams Center, which was the University’s former Student Union.

“The award is given to projects demonstrating originality and creativity. Characterized by ‘outside-the-box-thinking’ and ingenuity, this recipient clearly accomplishes the goal — but within an innovative manner. The recipient exudes excellence and quality work.”

On the award winning Williams Center our firm provided HVAC, Plumbing, and Fire Protection design services utilizing Autodesk REVIT MEP Suite design techniques to coordinate new building components with existing facility infrastructure.
On July 17, approximately 200 summer students enjoyed a pizza dinner and a viewing of “Hall Pass,” courtesy of Eagle Entertainment.
Rather than taking place in the organization’s usual outdoor or Union theater venues, the film was shown behind the familiar pane glass windows of an unlikely location: The Williams Center.
Previously a dining hall, the Williams Center has undergone numerous renovations in previous months with the goal of becoming an alternative space for student activities.
Students in attendance were largely optimistic about what the new space has to offer.

“I really enjoyed the atmosphere that the renovations made,” said senior electrical engineering major Nick Pawlak.
“I love the new technology in the building and the amazing design and furniture. The whole thing looks very modern and perfect for student organizations. I am so excited to see how they use it in the fall,” said senior Stephen Warner, psychology major.
Changes made to the Williams Center include the addition of two kitchen areas, plenty of seating, mosaic walls that double as storage and state-of-the-art audiovisual technology.
“We have two main screens and five 70-inch screens,” said Sriravong Sriratanakoul, activities coordinator.
The Williams Center’s refurbishment was a direct result of a collaboration between Southern’s students and the Office of Student Affairs staff.  Sriratanakoul hopes that this joint effort mirrors the way the area is used.
“I hope this space becomes a community resource where we can all collaborate - students, staff and alumni - can all collaborate. We have technology here that other ones don’t have,” said Sriratanakoul. This technology is already being integrated. Prior to the screening of “Hall Pass,” Eagle ID cards were scanned for data purposes.
“The ID scanning is something that we hope to do more at these kinds of events. Along with ensuring that student fees are used for students only, we hope to use the data for assessments of programs and retention purposes. Are the students who attend free on-campus programs graduating?” said Sriratanakoul.
In addition to being the new on-campus hotspot for students, by students, The Williams Center is also the new home of Eagle Entertainment and the Traditions Council.  written by Sarah Fonseca of GSU